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Step 2: Day 5 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Euphoria

Step 2: Day 5 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Euphoria

No headache today, in fact feeling really rather good and wondering whether this is the ‘euphoria’ or ‘sense of wellbeing’ the  reviews promised. If it is then I’m a fan!

Breakfast 12:30

Maple and pecan porridge – heard bad things about this stuff but I love it. Tasty, filling, a large portion too. Will be ordering these for breakfast next week


3:35pm – banana shake. Not bad, that kind of fake-banana milkshake taste you’ve probably had before.


7:30pm – macaroni cheese – not bad at all, again, I’ve read mixed reviews on this product but I reckon it goes a long way to solving my craving for cheese and pasta.


9:30pm – chicken broccoli

3l water, 4 x black coffee (I’ve ordered some Elderflower and Raspberry water flavouring for next week, to spice up my life 😉

Ketone sticks – little darker today.