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Step 2: Day 7 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Weigh-in!

Step 2: Day 7 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Weigh-in!

Still a little hungry today but determined, especially as it’s weigh-in day!


1pm – cappuccino shake – tasty! Would be amazing with ice and a straw – a taste of iced coffee.


3:50pm – strawberry and apple bar – YUK! Gritty, bitter and a waste of a meal.


6:40pm – chicken and mushroom soup – a little gritty but quite nice.

3l water, 4 x black coffee.


My scales: 11stone 10lbs

Consultant scales: 11stone 13lbs

TOTAl loss 5lbs and 2.5 inches across body.

Was hoping for the 10lbs weightloss that I’d heard about but still, it’d take me two and half weeks to lose that on Slimming World, so not doing badly!