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Step 2: Day 4 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Worst Meal So Far

Step 2: Day 4 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Worst Meal So Far

Woke up with a hangover-style headache and a shrivelled tongue, not to mention a few dashes to the loo.
Playing havoc with my digestion.
Felt much better after an ibuprofen, pint of water and a bucket of black, caffeine coffee.
Actually a great day, felt ‘on it’ and determined. Allowed myself to be distracted by other thoughts than food.
Took my chocolate chew bar with me to a cafe to eat whilst the kids chowed down on their cookies and cakes.
Did a ketone stick test and the colour is still ‘nude’ so not sure if I can expect worse days while my body goes into ketosis or not. Here’s hoping not!
1pm – toffee and walnut shake – lovely, thick and tasty.
4pm – chocolate chew bar – perfect for distracting me from all the goodies my kids were consuming!
7:40pm – chicken tikka style rice – sweet Jesus, this stuff is AWFUL. Like leftovers from someone curry, water and curry powder. YUK! Never again!
9:45pm – five spice chicken and broccoli. Eating the same meals two in a row to save cooking each night.

Water 3ls, black coffee x3, slurp of Diet Coke 😉
Overall a good day, felt a little cheated by the disgusting chicken tikka style, chickenless, curry water!

Step 2: Day 3 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Let’s Do this!

Step 2: Day 3 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Let’s Do this!

Feeling awful today.

Headache and nausea, and all mixed in with a job interview – not a good day.

Had a bucket of water, ibuprofen and a sleep, and felt a million times better.

Got my Ketone sticks today, they show I’m not yet in Ketosis, but I’ve definitely got the dreaded ‘keto flu’ that’s for sure!

Breakfast 12:00

Peanut crunch bar

A bitter undertaste but not bad.

Lunch 3:30pm

Spag bol 

My first CWP ‘proper food’ product (i.e. Not a shake, bar or soup). Exploded in the microwave. Very tasty, quite sweet, felt full after it. Definitely will order more of these!


Chocolate orange shake 




Chicken and five spices and broccoli 


2.5l water, Black coffee

Step 2: Day 1 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Let’s Do this!

Step 2: Day 1 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Let’s Do this!

So here I am. I’ve been desperate to lose the flubber in good time for my summer holiday at the beginning of August. No matter how many mathematical equations I did I just couldn’t see myself losing 2.5 stone in the 16 weeks I have left, and so I did some resea
rch on the Cambridge Weight Plan and decided to just go for it.

It sounds harsh, tough going, but the one repetitive theme I found during my research was that IT WORKS!

I’ve opted to go to Step  rather than Sole Source, as I’m tad inclined to give up and eat everything if I get too hungry. So I thought I’d hedge my bets and, with the advice of my counsellor, go to step 2 and see how things pan out.
charity.jpgStarting weight: 12stone 4lbs Cambridge scales, 12stone 1lbs My scales


















A good first day, although I’m all too aware that my body is still using the carbs from yesterday to keep functioning, so I won’t be at my full pelt ’empty’ yet. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that tomorrow will be a little more difficult! Eek.