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Step 2: Day 1 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Let’s Do this!

Step 2: Day 1 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Let’s Do this!

So here I am. I’ve been desperate to lose the flubber in good time for my summer holiday at the beginning of August. No matter how many mathematical equations I did I just couldn’t see myself losing 2.5 stone in the 16 weeks I have left, and so I did some resea
rch on the Cambridge Weight Plan and decided to just go for it.

It sounds harsh, tough going, but the one repetitive theme I found during my research was that IT WORKS!

I’ve opted to go to Step  rather than Sole Source, as I’m tad inclined to give up and eat everything if I get too hungry. So I thought I’d hedge my bets and, with the advice of my counsellor, go to step 2 and see how things pan out.
charity.jpgStarting weight: 12stone 4lbs Cambridge scales, 12stone 1lbs My scales


















A good first day, although I’m all too aware that my body is still using the carbs from yesterday to keep functioning, so I won’t be at my full pelt ’empty’ yet. I’ve a sneaking suspicion that tomorrow will be a little more difficult! Eek.