Step 2: Day 4 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Worst Meal So Far

Step 2: Day 4 – Cambridge Weight Loss – Worst Meal So Far

Woke up with a hangover-style headache and a shrivelled tongue, not to mention a few dashes to the loo.
Playing havoc with my digestion.
Felt much better after an ibuprofen, pint of water and a bucket of black, caffeine coffee.
Actually a great day, felt ‘on it’ and determined. Allowed myself to be distracted by other thoughts than food.
Took my chocolate chew bar with me to a cafe to eat whilst the kids chowed down on their cookies and cakes.
Did a ketone stick test and the colour is still ‘nude’ so not sure if I can expect worse days while my body goes into ketosis or not. Here’s hoping not!
1pm – toffee and walnut shake – lovely, thick and tasty.
4pm – chocolate chew bar – perfect for distracting me from all the goodies my kids were consuming!
7:40pm – chicken tikka style rice – sweet Jesus, this stuff is AWFUL. Like leftovers from someone curry, water and curry powder. YUK! Never again!
9:45pm – five spice chicken and broccoli. Eating the same meals two in a row to save cooking each night.

Water 3ls, black coffee x3, slurp of Diet Coke 😉
Overall a good day, felt a little cheated by the disgusting chicken tikka style, chickenless, curry water!


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